Music Man Guitar Amp (Valve)

1977 Music Man HD-130 Reverb
Preamp tubes: solidstate preamp circuit with 12AX7 phase-inverter tube.
Output tubes: four 6CA7 (similar to EL34)
Rectifier: solidstate
Controls: Volume, Treble, Bass on “Normal” channel; Volume, Treble, Middle, Bass, Reverb, Intensity, Speed on “Reverb/Tremolo” channel; shared Master.
Output: 65 watts or 130 watts RMS.

Fully reconditioned.

Price £650 o.n.o

Marshall AVT112 extension speaker

Reconditioned, 100watt output.

Price £120 o.n.o


Marshall MG15DFX 15 watt Guitar Amp


Boasting control, the the Marshall MG15DFX amplifier lets enjoy mid sweep and scooping. The 1 x 8 inch speaker in this Marshall guitar amplifier delivers excellent sound with great clarity. This Marshall electric amplifier offers multiple easy-to-dial digital effects – Reverb, Chorus, Flange, and Delay for natural sound production. The CD input in this Marshall guitar amplifier lets you play your favorite track from your collection. The Emulated Line Out jack in this Marshall electric amplifier provides direct connection to your mixing desks. With Frequency dependant damping, the Marshall MG15DFX provides you with more tubey sound.

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Key Features

  • Amplifier Type
  • Impedance
  • Power Output
    15 watt


    • Height
      14.75 in.
    • Depth
      8 in.
Sold £70



Marshall DSL15C

The Marshall DSL 100-watt head is one of the most famous Marshall amplifiers in existence, Marshall have taken this head and shrunk it down into a 15-watt combo amplifier dubbed the DSL15C.



2 channels
Classic Gain
Ultra Gain
Shared eq for both channels
Deep button
Pentode/Triode switch
2 x 8 ohm outputs
1 x 16 ohm output


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bass amp

Combo amplifiers for bass guitars with extended EQ control and ported, angled speaker cabinet. Finished in durable vinyl covering with perforated steel speaker grille.

Low frequency optimised cabinet
High power amplifier section
Multi-band EQ control

Output power @ 8 Ohms               25Wrms
Speaker unit(s)                       8″ HD driver
Frequency response                    50Hz – 10kHz
Connections                    Input , phones out, MP3 in
Controls                              Gain, 4-band EQ, master
Equalization                Low, low-mid, high-mid, high
Dimensions (W x H x D)               365 x 395 x 300mm
Weight                                12kg
Power supply                          240Vac,50Hz (IEC

Price from £130



guitar amp

Classically styled guitar combo in a vinyl covered cabinet with metal corner protectors and basket-weave style grille cloth. Front control panel is recessed with retro “chicken-head” control knobs and additional features for Gain, EQ and outputs. Custom solid-state circuitry is voiced to produce authentic vintage-style clean and driven tones.

Headphone output for practice
Switchable clean and drive channels
Classic styling

Available as 10, 15, 30 or 60watt

Price from £49


Peavey Delta Bass

Peavey Delta Base - Light & Sounds - Devizes

Tested, very clean peavey base amp.

1 channel bass amplifier with tuner out, sweepable frequency for midrange adjustment, contour, speaker protection, effects loop. Small and light, limited to 4 ohm load.
Power Base 160watt

Price £70