Special Effects


bubble large

Our most powerful bubble machine with two wheels rotating at 60rpm. Combined with a total of 4 output fans to produce a large amount of bubbles and disperse them over a large area quickly. Ideal for use at large venues or events.

Produces an extremely high amount of bubbles
4 fans for maximum output and quick dispersion
Wheel base for easy transportation and positioning

Quick drain tap at the rear
Remote control


£25 per day (ex bubble fluid at £20 a gallon)




bubble small
Unique to QTX, this lightweight bubble machine features barrel rolling wands which produces an incredible amount of bubbles. It is made from heavy duty ABS plastic and features a high quality low noise fan. Ideal for events, parties and mobile discos.

Very high bubble output
High speed fan with low noise
Made from lightweight heavy duty plastic

Easy fill and empty tank
Includes handheld remote



£15 per day (ex fluid at £20 a gallon)




vertical smoke machine

This unique fog machine can be operated horizontally, vertically or hung upside down from trussing. With a 1300W heater and high-pressured pump, it can produce around 20,000 Cu Ft (566m³) of fog per minute and project up to a height of 5m. It can be operated by the wireless remote or by a single channel on DMX. As with other QTFX fog machines, this unit features MIRROR piping patent technology to reduce the rate of jamming, and the special microcomputer control system maintains a high temperature allowing the unit to run efficiently for long periods of time.

20,000 Cu Ft (566m³) per minute (approx)
Can be operated horizontally or vertically
Mounting points for hanging from trussing upside down (please follow instructions)
Conveniently placed carry handle
Operated by wireless remote control
1 channel DMX to control the output from the machine
Master & Slave mode

Large tank capacity 2.5 litres
Anti-jamming pipe technology
Intelligent microcomputer keeps the temperature high



£15 a day (including 1 tank of fluid)



Atmotech VS 1500 Fogger Smoke Machine


Atmotech VS 1500 Fogger Smoke Machine The VS-1500 is designed to cater for mobile DJs and entertainers who want a high output fogger without the costs usually associated with a machine of this high quality. A removable built-in LCD timer remote control with a 2.5M cable length is fitted neatly into the back of the unit to allow control from a distance. Extra DMX cables can be added to achieve further control distances. A further two remote controls (1 x wireless, 1 x wired) are supplied with this unit, to facilitate the operation. This fogger can also accept DMX control.

Smoke output: 20,000 cu.ft per minute
Warm up time: approx. 8 mins
Tank capacity: 2.3L
Power consumption: 1500W
Dimensions: 570 x 310 x 230mm
Weight: 9kg


£20 per day (including 1 tank of fluid)




flame machine

An incredible multicolour flame effect which uses a combination of RGB LEDs to change the colour of the flame. Reaching up to a height of 1.5m, the silk flame flutters in the air whilst lit up. It is auto and DMX controlled so you can adjust the mood of your party easily. It is low maintenance and quick to set up, making it perfect for event and hire companies or for use as a permanent fixture on a stage.

Reaches up to a height of 1.5m
RGB colour mixing sequences
Sound activated, auto & master/slave functions

7 Channel DMX
High speed fans


£15 a day




snow machine


High output snow effect machine for large venues and seasonal events. Utilises a heavy duty fan to convert snow fluid into a blizzard of foam particles, giving the impression of snowfall. Wired remote control has an on/off switch and rotary output volume control or the unit can be operated from DMX. Purpose built for professional stage shows, themed installations and corporate events.

Wired remote with output volume control
Recommended use with qtx snow fluid (160.578UK, 160.579UK)

Removable 5 litre fluid tank
DMX512 control



£25 per day (ex fluid at £20 per gallon)