Drum Kits

Percussion Mallet

Percussion mallet
Percussion Mallet/Sticks
5A Wood Tips+ Reversible Mallet End



Retractable Wire Drum Brushes

Drum brushes
Wire Retractable Loop End Drum Brushes for Jazz Drum Stick (Pack of 2)



Standard Drum Key

Drum key

Drum wrench 5.5mm / 0.21inch, Square corners, Casting, Bright finish, New style, Beautiful and practical, Fits onto the key chain, Suitable for all drums and 5mm square screws, with square screws Snare drum drums and other drums.



Chord ADK5 5-Piece Acoustic Drum Kit (White)

Crash cymbals included with stands and pedal beater for the kick and a padded drum throne. Drum key and hex key are also included. All shell hardware is White metallic finish. Shells are gloss vinyl covered.



5-piece kit
22″ Kick drum
16″ Floor tom
13″ and 12″ toms
14″ snare.
14″ Hi-hats and a 16″ crash cymbal with stands
Kick Pedal
Padded drum throne
White Metal Finish


£249 Currently out of stock