Secondhand Disco Equipment

Secondhand Disco Equipment


Allen and Heath mixer

This progressive 4-channel DJ mixer is designed for DJs of all abilities who want a compact quality mixer with pro features to mix any source – whether vinyl, CD or MP3.
The USB port allows easy connection to a computer and the integration of digital media, which can be used to play back music files from a laptop, record mixes or used with music software.
*4 dual stereo channels (2 phono/line, 2 line/line)
*3 band EQ +6dB to total kill
*Rotary X-FX control for routing to external FX
*VCF filter with resonance & frequency controls
*VCA crossfader with curve control
*Mix outputs on balanced XLR
*9 segment channel meters
*Illuminated lightpipes showing status of performance controls
*USB port with one stereo up to PC and one stereo back
*Independent booth output
*2 headphone outputs (1/4″ and 3.5mm)





Pioneer CDJ2000

The CDJ-2000 can play music from multiple sources including; CD, DVD, USB storage devices also SD memory.
Through the industry-first Pro DJ Link, music files and database data on one single USB or SD device can be shared simultaneously by up to 4 players connected by a LAN cable.
Another key facet of the CDJ-2000 is it’s advanced HID and MIDI capabilities for native control of DVS via USB, what’s more, it achieves Pioneer’s highest sound quality to date through an improved audio output circuit, a new audiophile pleasing Wolfson DAC processor and a new built-in 24-bit/48 kHz soundcard.
MIDI Control, ProDJ Link, Anti-vibration & Rekordbox.


Width – 320mm
Height – 106.4mm
Depth – 405.7mm
Processor – Wolfson DAC
Soundcard – 24bit/48Hz
Frequency Range – 4-20000Hz
Signal-to-noise Ratio – >115dB (JEITA)
Distortion – <0.0018% (JEITA)
Audio Output Level – 2.0 Vrms(1kHz, 0dB)

£620 – 2 available




Technics 3 Technics 4 Technics 1 Technics head Technics 2

Pair of Technics Quartz SL1210MK2 Direct Drive Turntables with original Technics head shell and Stanton 500 V3 Stylus.
The direct drive motor and precision quartz movement delivers accurate pitch control and the over all feel that DJs can’t live without.
Heavy duty, vibration resistant construction is great for installation in professional nightclub DJ booths as well as frequent touring and mobile applications.
With additional features that include: a sleek black steel finish, adjustable tone arm weights, anti-skate control, a pop-up target light and sliding pitch control, the SL1210MK2 is a terrific choice for top DJs and beginners alike.
Complete with Kamkase flight cases.

Output connectors – RCA Phono
Motor – Direct drive brushless DC motor
Speeds – 33 1/3 & 45 RPM
Brake – Electric brake
Pitch Control – +/-8%
Wow & Flutter – 0.01%
Dimensions – 17.8×6.8×14″
Weight – 26.5lbs (12kg)


Zoom LED PAR Bar with Wireless Foot Control

Laser Show System

A PAR bar kit fantastic for mobile DJ’s and performers who need their lighting to be quick to set up and easily transportable.

PAR bar with 4 led par cans

Wireless foot controller

Padded carry case

2 x IEC mains lead (UK and EU)

Tripod stand

Mounting/free standing brackets

Price £170