P.A with Engineer

At Devizes light and sound, we offer a p.a package consisting of a full sound system and an engineer.

The system is customizable to suite almost any situation or event.

Be it a conference, school performance, or a full blown band setup.

we have all the equipment needed for your needs.


The full p.a system consists of a 4 part speaker system with a rating of 8kw (or more if required)



We use the behringer x32 fully digital mixer for front of house which has 40 inputs and 14 monitor mixe’s. 8 built in effects processors and built in dynamic processors.

For vocals, we use Shure sm58’s or if wireless is required, we have 3 Sennheiser microphones and 1 Sennheiser beltpack for lapel or headband mic.



Drum mics consist of JTS NX and CX  series microphones.

Guitar mic’ing is handled by Shure sm57 instrument microphones.

We have 10 di channels for items such as midi pads, keyboards and acoustic guitars.


Our inventory of equipment is ever expanding and as such, if we dont have the required kit for your event, we will get it in.



We do not supply backline such as drums, guitar amps ect but we can organize these items from our contacts if required.

But ideally These need to be supplied by the band.




Prices start from just £100 for a basic setup.

We also offer a lighting package for all events witch includes a lighting engineer.

Please call for more details.

A minimum one months notice is required on all bookings along with a
25% deposit.