10″ Tambourine


A wooden ring tambourine with a 10″ hide head.



Hand Percussion Set

Hand percussion set

This set of 9 different percussion instruments by Chord and is a great starter kit for anyone who wants to make a variety of rhythmic sounds. The set includes a headed tambourine, a pair of wooden maracas, a wooden shaker, an egg shaker, a pair of wooden claves, a jingle band, a jingle stick, a pair of finger cymbals and a triangle.

Packed in a clear, durable nylon bag with zipper to keep the instruments free from dust while in storage



 Half Moon Tambourine

Half moon tambourine

Simply shake or hit the tambourine to make a great percussive sound which can be used for many styles of music! The half moon tambourine is a great addition to anyone’s percussion collection, looking for a fun yet simple instrument for children to hold and make a sound with. It is a great addition to anyone’s percussion collection. Solid construction and moulded grip make this ideal for children and schools.